Under 11’s – Coaches Doreen Morgan, Becky Walsh, Niamh Carlin and Megan Bowen

Bengal Cats – Coach – Doreen Morgan – Shropshire Junior Netball League

Kitty Cats – Coach – Becky Walsh – Shropshire Junior Netball League

Tabby Cats – Coach – Niamh Carlin – not yet competing

Under 12’s and 14’s – Coaches Denise Westwood, Lynn Ashley, Lauren Morgan, Helen Shenton, Ellesse Wilson, Claudia Cirenza-Le Gros, Cerys Schumejko and assistance from senior members of the club working towards Pass on your Passion or Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Snowcats U12 – Coach – Denise Westwood/  Cerys Schumejko – Shropshire Junior Netball League

Aristocats – Coach – Lynn Ashley / Lauren Morgan – Shropshire Junior Netball League

Meerkats – Coach –  Ellesse Wilson / Lauren Morgan – Shropshire Junior Netball League 

Straycats – Coach – Helen Shenton – Shropshire Junior Netball League

Under 16’s – Coaches Jill Ferriday, Faye GIles, Kelly White, Andrea Packer, Chloe McNulty-Jones

Bobcats – Coach – Jill Ferriday – Shropshire Junior Netball League

Cheshire Cats – Coach – Andrea Packer – Shropshire Junior Netball League

Under 19’s – Coaches Faye Giles and Jill Ferriday

Fire Cats – Coach – Faye Giles  – I Heart Netball League

 Senior Team

Wildcats – Adult / Feeder team for U19s – Coach – Faye Giles

B52’s – Adult team that 3 coaches play for and the club utilises as a feeder team for Under 16’s / Under 19’s – Coach – Pam Dean/ Denise Westwood.

Strollers – Adult team that the club utilises as a feeder team for Under 16’s / Under 19’s – Coach – Lynn Ashley

Terminators – Adult B2N team – plays in I Heart league – Coach Doreen Morgan/Faye Giles